HID EDGE IP Controllers & Readers

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HID EDGE Plus E400 (Original Version)
This is the original HID EDGE E400 PoE host door controller which has been replaced by the new HID EDGE EH400-K. Certain access control host systems are not yet compatible with the new version and therefore are only compatible with this older version.
HID EdgePlus Solo ES400 83000 (product is nearing end of life)
SKU: 83000BKE
The EdgePlus Solo ES400 is a cost-effective, stand-alone, single-door IP access control solution. This easy-to-use solution enables remote management and report generation via standard web browser. User information, administration, door configuration and retrieval of events are done through a user-friendly, instructional web environment. Providing Intelligence at the Door, the flexible EdgePlus Solo ES400 offers a wide choice of card reader compatibility. And the EdgePlus Solo ES400 IP Access Solution can be converted from stand-alone operation to a system reader for a host environment quickly and easily through the web browser. There is never a need to go to the door.