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The Middleware Associates security platform is based on partnerships with established hardware manufacturers who have invested in open protocols and standard API’s (application programming interfaces) . As a result, our end users are never stuck with hardware that is only compatible with one software developer. In turn their hardware purchases become more of an investment than a cost.

PoE Controllers and Readers

edge_opinAccess Metrics software is compatible with the full range of HID EDGE PoE controllers and readers. All Edge Solo devices can be flashed to work with Access Metrics in a hosted environment


mercuryThe Mercury Security1500 series controllers are ideal for corporate applications. The EP1501 is the preferred controller for [single door, two reader] applications for Time and Attendance. The EP1501 installs into a standard triple A electrical outlet box and has two Wiegand readers inputs.



Suprema biometric readers are ideal for high security, low traffic areas where two factor authentication is required. “Suprema’s fingerprint algorithm was proven to be world’s most reliable solution by ranking No. 1 in the international Fingerprint Verification Competition(FVC) in a row with the unrivalled outstanding performance.” ref: Suprema website


Legacy Style Controllers


The HID VertX line of controllers is ideal for customers who choose to keep their existing readers and cards. The V1000 controller can accommodate up to [64] readers one a single controller via the RS485 network and the V100 VertX reader modules.  VertX and EDGE utilize the same firmware so mixing and matching VertX and EDGE offers true flexibility for large corporations that have invested heavily in cards and readers but require a feature rich enterprise level access control system such as Access Metrics.


hidHID Global Corporation is best know for its very reliable Wiegand protocol proximity readers and cards. HID develops a full range of readers in the 125 KHz Proximity category, the 13.56 MHz ISO smart card category, as well as a full range of multi-technology readers and USB readers.


image001              aptiq

Allegion recently acquired the XceedID brand which offers cost effective readers and credentials that easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems. Their readers’ designs are sleek and architecturally attractive and credentials are offered in several form factors to meet the needs of our customers.


Door Hardware

trineTrine door strikes are ideal for PoE controllers due to the fact that they draw minimal current and offer the smallest footprint in the industry. This make installation so much easier; in many cases, no frame cutting is necessary. Trine offers cost effective door strikes that are simple to install which in turn lessens the system installation costs.