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First Year Support

With the purchase of an Access Metrics reader license the end user receives support for a period of one year.


First year support includes assisting in the installation and any necessary troubleshooting of the SQL Server database, Access Metrics application and IP Controller hardware.  Items of importance include the import of users and their credential records and setting up active directory (if applicable), all of which is covered. First year support also include converting any HID EDGE Solo device to a compatible hosted device.

All software support is managed remotely via a secure, commerical VPN package such as Teamviewer™.  Some customers prefer to provide their own VPN connection in order to be in compliance with their IT Security Policy.

First year support does not cover onsite travel to solve a problem. Middleware Associates works closely with its service providers who are responsible to organize and manage necessary onsite visits.  In cases where Middleware Associates works directly with the end user, onsite visits requested by the end user will be billed at our standard onsite service rates.